Contextual perceptions are key to Chooch Visual AI Contextual perceptions are key to Chooch Visual AI

Contextual perceptions are key to Chooch Visual AI.

Scalable, Flexible, Fast Visual AI

Scalable, Flexible, Fast Visual AI

A perception is a neural network model trained to recognize a group of visual data and associate it with features – objects, concepts, faces, and actions. Chooch AI currently has deployed over 2,400 models and over 200,000 pre-trained classes which you can demo on our iPhone app.

Our patented Dense Classification image analysis enables contextual perceptions which are modeled after human visual perception. By understanding context, Chooch AI can select the appropriate models and type of search to return faster results with higher accuracy.

This capability provides Chooch Visual AI with speed, accuracy, flexibility and scale.

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The Chooch Smart Network

When Chooch AI receives an image or video via its API, the Chooch Smart Network is triggered and selects the appropriate  perceptions to generate predictions via its input network.

In this example, Chooch AI feeds the image data into the fruit perception, and the highest probability matches are displayed as metadata. Chooch AI then sends back the metadata about the image or video.

Perceptions can be very general or highly specialized – e.g. apple is a type of fruit, a color of apple can be green, a variety of apple can be granny smith.

Chooch AI can be flexibly trained with human expertise in any domain and the Chooch Smart Network leverages this  training to provide fast and accurate results.


Integrated Visual AI Platform

Integrated Visual AI Platform

Chooch AI is a complete visual AI platform that generates end-to-end deployments both for the cloud and the edge with integrated operations. 

Chooch AI is hardware and visual data agnostic and is integrated via API. Chooch AI can process any imagery such as visible light, electro-optical, and x-ray sourced from sensors and platforms ranging from cell phones to drones, medical imaging devices to infrared cameras.

Once Chooch Edge AI generates initial inferences, it can transmit video, images and metadata to the cloud for detailed processing, or send metadata and alerts via API directly to a dashboard. Chooch Edge AI can process and store metadata on devices in disconnected environments and can be synched back  to the cloud when connections are restored.



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