Image & Object Recognition with Visual AI Image & Object Recognition with Visual AI

Image & Object Recognition with Visual AI

Image Recognition and Object Recognition Solutions

Our team can help you to quickly create image and object recognition solutions with visual AI in weeks, not years. From inventory to authentication, microscopic to satellite, actions to radiology, by training our AI to recognize objects in still images or video, we generate results for our customers.

Our solutions reduce risk, reduce costs – and create radical time savings. Please contact us no matter your industry – finance, media, science, security or beyond.

Concept to Visual AI Deployment

Our team has deep expertise in scoping, planning and developing computer vision projects for global scale. Our typical workflow includes:

  • Solutions Design
  • Data Collection
  • Annotation & Labelling
  • Model Development
  • Prototype Testing
  • Integration
  • Support & Growth

Please get in touch to discuss how we can add radical efficiencies to your visual processes.


Chooch AI is designed for rapid, real world deployments. Used in healthcare, geospatial, security, media, retail, and industrial applications, Chooch AI works on edge devices or integrates easily via API with information, and can provide infinite scale and power to meet processing demands.

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