Visual AI Safety and Security Solutions Visual AI Safety and Security Solutions

Visual AI Safety and Security Solutions

Computer Vision for Safety and Security

As cameras and sensors proliferate to monitor workplaces and hospitals, airports and industrial sites, security and safety officers must make sense of a flood of images and data from both remote and high-traffic areas. To identify what is relevant, what can be ignored, and what demands immediate attention, the Chooch Visual AI platform provides security teams with actionable insights. Chooch AI analyzes video streams both on the edge and in the cloud, capturing still images, generating metadata and sending alerts.

Example Visual AI Safety and Security Solutions

Examples of how Chooch has built machine learning and visual AI models to support our Safety & Security clients include:

  • Worker and OSHA Compliance. Ensure that workers are wearing protective clothing. Fast alert system when non-compliance is detected.  Benefits include lower insurance, costs and risks.
  • Health and Public Safety. Cough, mask and fever detection models. Public and private spaces enabled with assurance that health risks are reduced without compromising privacy.
  • Facial Authentication. Strong identity confirmation for digital signature services, account access, patients, and more. Remote worker identity confirmation. VIP check ins. Liveness Detection prevents presentation attacks.
  • Remote Sensing. Vehicle identification and license plate recording, boundary breaches, change, water or heat detection. Alerts and logs sent via text message. Increased awareness on edge.
  • Identify people, heat sources, and objects with analysis of infrared or electro-optica from any source. Objects identified in under 0.1 seconds. Video training generates 1000s of annotated images per minute.


Chooch AI is a complete Visual AI solution. We provide AI training and models for any visual data for enterprise deployments. Chooch AI is a fast, flexible, and accurate platform that can process visual data in any spectrum for a wide range of applications across many industries.


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