Computer Vision for Safety and Security

Computer Vision for Security and Safety

As cameras and sensors proliferate, computer vision provides insights into public spaces and workplaces, airports and industrial sites, so that security and safety officers can make sense of a flood of images and data from both remote and high-traffic areas.

From social distancing detection with AI to PPE compliance, the Chooch Visual AI platform provides security teams with actionable insights. Chooch AI models analyze video streams both on the edge and in the cloud, capturing still images, generating metadata and sending alerts.

Example Computer Vision Solutions

Real world examples of how Chooch has built visual AI models to support our clients with safety and security computer vision include PPE Detection, Worker and OSHA Compliance, Mask Detection, Facial Authentication, Remote Perimeter Sensing.

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Safety and Security AI

Why use Computer Vision for Security and Safety?

More organizations are take the right approach to applying computer vision for security AI to keep their employees, customers, and assets safe. Computer vision is a subdomain of artificial intelligence that is concerned with how computers “see” digital images and videos. The goal of computer vision is to give machines a high-level understanding of visual imagery in a way that approaches or simulates human understanding. In recent years, sophisticated computer vision algorithms and techniques have been able to equal or even beat human performance on tasks such as object recognition.

What is Chooch AI?

  • Chooch AI is a computer vision platform that provides AI training, AI model generation, testing and AI deployment.

Why is AI important in safety and security?

Organizations have traditionally relied on human security guards to protect the security and integrity of their premises. However, this approach has a few obvious physical limitations: security guards can’t be present in two places at once, they can’t be available 24/7, and they run the risk of overlooking an issue due to human fallibility. That’s why many organizations are increasingly turning to security AI systems in order to supplement and enhance the work of human security guards.

For example, a single location may have hundreds or thousands of sensors and cameras distributed throughout the premises—far too many for human beings to monitor themselves. Sophisticated security AI systems can analyze the data from these devices in real time, sending out an alert if they detect something amiss.

Another common use case for security AI is biometrics: identifying individuals using unique human characteristics such as one’s fingerprint or iris, restricting access to potential intruders while allowing access to authorized visitors. In the next section, we’ll discuss one of the most popular biometrics methods: facial authentication.

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  • Chooch AI has standard models available for enterprise solutions, deployable at scale across the spectrum of safety and security with computer vision.

Computer Vision for Safety and Security AI

Every business is unique in terms of safety and security requirements. The good news is that there are a wide range of potential applications when it comes to computer vision for safety and security AI, including:

  • Health and safety regulations: Whether they come from OSHA or you came up with them yourself, every organization has its own set of laws, standards, and regulations that it needs to comply with. Computer vision systems can detect whether workers are wearing protective clothing such as hard hats or masks while on the job, immediately sending out an alert when they detect an instance of non-compliance.
  • Vehicle identification: Computer vision systems can help you automatically recognize a vehicle by identifying its brand, model, and color, while security cameras can capture and record the license plate details of suspicious vehicles.
  • Facial authentication: By using computer vision, you can build a highly accurate facial authentication system that identifies authorized users within a fraction of a second. Whether you need to limit access to restricted areas or identify VIPs, computer vision enables you to build a facial authentication system with liveness detection that guards against possible attacks.
  • Remote perimeter sensing. Vehicle identification and license plate recording, boundary breaches, change, water or heat detection. Alerts and logs sent via text message. Increased awareness on edge.
  • Identify people, heat sources, and objects with analysis of infrared or electro-optical from any source. Objects identified in under 0.02 seconds.
  • Identify people, heat sources, and objects with analysis of infrared or electro-optical from any source. Objects identified in under 0.02 seconds.
  • AI Fire Detection with a public AI model that can detect wildfires, interior fires, simply by streaming video or images to an edge device or the cloud.


  • Chooch AI also provides custom AI models, with POCs available in days, not weeks and months. Contact us for more information about your security and safety AI applications.

Next Steps

This all sounds great—but how can you start enjoying access to the benefits of computer vision for security AI without getting a PhD in computer science? That’s where we come in. Chooch has built a robust yet user-friendly AI platform that makes it easy for anyone to get started integrating computer vision into their business workflows. From design and training to deployment and maintenance, Chooch’s AI platform makes it a snap to get started building computer vision models.

Ready to learn about how we can help? Check out our page of computer vision resources, where you can get in touch with our team today for a chat about your business needs and objectives.

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