Computer Vision for Retail AI

Retail Computer Vision

The Chooch Visual AI platform provides a wide variety of applications for both brick and mortar retail and ecommerce. From shelf space management to in-store health monitoring, from image optimization to analyzing consumer behavior, visual AI can improve the shopping experience for consumers and revenues for retailers. The flexibility and efficiency of Chooch AI can deliver multiple impactful solutions to the retail industry on one platform.

Visual AI Retail Solutions

Chooch AI supports a vast set of retail applications with visual AI.

  • Contextual information: Customers can use computer vision-based mobile apps to scan products and learn more, company history, price comparisons, ratings and reviews, usage guides.
  • Store Safety during Covid-19:  Chooch AI can provide social distancing and mask detection for both workers and shoppers. .
  • Image quality control. Chooch detects poor quality images such as blurriness detection in contributed content. This can increase sales through higher quality content that increases conversion rates.
  • Online Retail Enrichment. Tag user submitted product with higher quality metadata. Greatly increases findability of listings. Improves customer experience and usability. Drives sales for platforms and sellers.


Chooch AI is a complete Visual AI platform, providing AI training and models for ecommerce and brick and mortar retail AI. Let’s schedule time to discuss a Chooch AI deployment. 

Retail AI with Computer Vision Applications

Why Computer Vision for Retail?

First, Computer vision is a subfield of artificial intelligence that teaches computers how to interpret the world of digital images and videos in a way that approaches human understanding. Computer vision has benefited from advances in deep learning in recent years, and state-of-the-art algorithms can now equal or even beat human performance on many tasks.

How does computer vision relate to retail AI? Brick and mortar retail businesses can leverage computer vision to increase in store analytics, reduce losses, retain more customers, and more. Ecommerce businesses can use retail AI for image quality control and enriching images for better search. Simply put, computer vision can make your retail business more efficient and profitable. 

Chooch AI Highlights

  • Chooch AI is a computer vision platform that provides AI training, AI model generation, testing and deployment to edge devices.
  • Chooch AI has standard models available for enterprise solutions, deployable at scale for enterprise video analytics in the retail space.
  • Chooch AI also provides custom AI models, with POCs available in days, not weeks and months. Contact us for more information your computer vision retail applications.

How AI is Changing Retail

With so much data available about customers’ behaviors and preferences, retail is one of the best industries for AI use cases. According to a 2019 report by IBM, the number of retail companies using artificial intelligence is expected to skyrocket from 40 percent to more than 80 percent in just three years. The market research firm Juniper Research has also predicted that global spending on retail AI will more than triple from $2 billion in 2018 to $7.3 billion in 2022.

The potential applications of retail AI are nearly limitless, including:

  • Creating virtual chatbots to help resolve many issues without having to speak with a human agent.
  • Recommending products to customers, such as Sephora’s Color IQ for different makeup shades, or The North Face’s mobile app for different types of jackets and apparel.
  • Sending offers and discounts to different customer segments (e.g. customers who haven’t visited a store lately, or customers who are more likely to buy during a sale).
  • Building a “cashierless” store that automatically charges people for their purchases by keeping track of what they pick up from the shelves.

More Computer Vision Uses for Retail AI

Humans are visual creatures, and advances in computer vision promise to change the face of many different industries, including retail. The possible use cases of computer vision in retail AI include:

  • Identification: Computer vision can help build facial recognition systems for identifying employees. Retail businesses can use facial recognition to allow their employees access to restricted areas, such as the stockroom, breakroom, and offices. Facial authentication can allow customers to make purchases with touchless payments.
  • Crowd analysis: Computer vision can accurately count retail customers and analyze customer behavior in aggregate. For example, retailers track the customer journeys throughout the store, track interactions with products, and ensure that the store is following health and safety protocols (such as maximum occupancy). 
  • Stocking and planograms: Computer vision systems can examine retail shelves to determine efficient placement of items and see if items are out of stock or out of place. For example, Walmart is researching the use of “shelf-scanning robots” to navigate through a store’s aisles, checking prices and looking for irregularities. This would save human employees a great deal of time and effort, letting them focus on activities such as assisting customers.

Retail Analytics with Computer Vision

Retail AI

How retail leaders can leverage computer vision

Despite its tremendous utility, computer vision is a highly technical topic, which is a major reason why it hasn’t seen universal adoption yet. Computer vision has the potential to revolutionize the field of retail AI—so how can retail leaders start to integrate computer vision in their businesses?

Chooch has built a user-friendly, all-in-one AI platform that makes it easy for even non-technical staff to deploy flexible, highly accurate AI models. Ready to get started? Check out our list of computer vision resources, and get in touch with our team for a chat about your business needs and objectives.

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