Retail Solutions with Visual AI Retail Solutions with Visual AI

Retail Solutions with Visual AI

Computer Vision for Retail

The Chooch Visual AI platform provides a wide variety of applications for both brick and mortar retail and ecommerce. From shelf space management to in-store health monitoring, from image optimization to analyzing consumer behavior, visual AI can improve the shopping experience for consumers and revenues for retailers. The flexibility and efficiency of Chooch AI can deliver multiple impactful solutions to the retail industry on one platform.

Example Visual AI Retail Solutions

Chooch AI supports a vast set of retail applications for visual AI, including:

  • Contextual information: Customers can use computer vision-based mobile apps to scan products to learn more about them, such as company history, ratings and reviews, usage guides, etc.
  • Planogram Analysis and Compliance. Detect out of stock items in brick and mortar stores. Provide analysis of shelf space placement to ensure compliance. Robotics integrations.
  • Real Time Crowd Analysis. Check for health and safety in physical locations. Count shoppers in stores. Heat mapping of shopper journey. Detect real time purchasing trends.
  • Image quality control. Chooch detects poor quality images such as bluriness submitted by content contributors. Anomaly detection based on training images provided by customers. Increases sales through higher converting image types.
  • Online Retail Enrichment. Tag user submitted product with higher quality metadata. Greatly increases findability of listings. Improves customer experience and usability. Drives sales for platforms and sellers.


Chooch AI is a complete Visual AI solution. We provide AI training and models for any visual data for enterprise deployments. Chooch AI is a fast, flexible, and accurate platform that can process visual data in any spectrum for a wide range of applications across many industries.


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