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Visual AI Dashboard

The straightforward Chooch Dashboard offers users the ability to add Visual AI data and train Chooch for facial recognition, image recognition, or object recognition right away.

You can also get your API key, read documentation, watch how-to videos and create support tickets.

Chooch API

Our API is the key to use Chooch within your existing processes. You can train Chooch to recognize anything for your computer vision needs, then integrate the API into your enterprise or consumer applications.

You will find your API key in the settings tab of your dashboard when you create a free account. Please sign up to start using Chooch or visit the API documentation page for technical details.

IC2 Mobile Visual AI SDK

Put Visual AI in your apps with the IC2 Mobile SDK. The power of the platform means you can not only offer Visual AI to your end users, but also allow them to collect training data to build out your perception library.

Use Chooch in your mobile applications for real time facial recognition and object recognition.

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Facial Authentication

Chooch allows facial authentication to be combined with other forms of identity management already in place, such as handprints and PINs.

Organizations also use Chooch as a standalone solution for multifactor visual authentication such as matching vehicle license plate recognition and faces. Each factor must match for automated entry.

Visual AI Training Services

Our team will create a machine learning model specific to your use case. Chooch can also do AI training with your visual data — microscopic to satellite — actions to radiology — to recognize objects in still images or video.

Please contact us whether your need is banking, media, science, security or beyond. Simply describe the problem you are trying to solve, and then we will request images with annotation so that we can create a new trained perception.