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Visionary Partner Program


Computer vision has emerged as a central tenet in an organization’s successful adoption of AI strategies. While many businesses face similar challenges, the technological advancements of Computer Vision have helped provide the context necessary to address the unique business objectives of innovative companies.

Driving maximum business impact requires a Computer Vision company to be flexible in both their capabilities and their partner ecosystem. Additionally, this ecosystem must be empowered and enabled to create new revenue streams through a Computer Vision practice.

To accomplish this goal, Chooch has created the Visionary Partner Program (VPP). Through the VPP, global consulting firms, telcos, enterprise hardware manufacturers, systems integrators, and AI software providers have partnered with Chooch to build their respective Computer Vision Centers of Excellence and drive meaningful AI adoption to organizations worldwide.

The Visionary Partner Program and its members help to simplify AI deployments for their customers in all phases of their AI journey. Through aligning the ecosystem to deliver robust, scalable, ReadyNow solutions, the VPP removes the logistical complexities historically needed in deploying AI solutions.

Chooch and its VPP partners are committed to helping customers quickly excel in their AI strategies, by deploying meaningful and impactful Computer Vision solutions.

Join the Visionary Partner Program


Chooch believes an ecosystem of highly capable partners is paramount to successful production deployments. Chooch is proud to offer the following benefits and more through the VPP:

VPP Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is homebase for the Chooch VPP partners. Submit your deal registration, access best practices and blueprints, track your CoE progress, and more all in one convenient location.


Educate your sales and engineering team with Sales, 101, and 201 Certifications through the Chooch Learning Management System.

Pilot Program Guide

Quickly unlock the value of Computer Vision solutions with your customers by deploying production level ReadyNow models through a guided pilot program.

Marketing Development Funds (MDF)

Drive thought leadership with top customers through exclusive executive dinners, Visionary Roundtables, and unlock many co-marketing opportunities within the MDF program.

Computer Vision Resources

Download executive summaries, watch videos, request demos on our computer vision resources page.


Computer Vision requires a full ecosystem of partners to deliver effective results. The VPP brings together a broad spectrum of partners including:

Global Systems Integrators and Telecommunication Partners

Leaders in AI digital transformation, Chooch partners with GSIs and Telcos to help deliver mission critical use cases to enterprise customers.

OEM Partners

Hardware manufacturers delivering compute, networking, and cameras partner with Chooch to provide complete ReadyNow Solutions, out of the box to drive immediate time to value.

Distribution and Value-Added Resellers

Driving Computer Vision at scale, the reseller channel delivers full solutions across their customers’ organization.

AI Partners

Chooch provides AI acceleration opportunities to AI companies looking for fast, accurate computer vision at scale.

Computer Vision with the Chooch IC2 App

Chooch IC2 is our free AI demo app, which uses computer vision to tag objects in live video and still images. Use Chooch IC2 to recognize any object with your phone and train the AI app to recognize new things.