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Computer Vision Ecosystem

Computer Vision Deployments Take Teamwork

Computer vision on the edge and in the cloud is now a deployable solution for real-world business problems with a combinations of talents and skillsets across an ecosystem.

Global consulting firms, enterprise hardware manufacturers, systems integrators, and AI software providers all partner with Chooch AI to provide a wide variety of innovations. 

Chooch AI provides the AI models and inference engine that generates data, while our partners provide everything from video infrastructure and edge devices, hypervisors to data analytics.

This growing AI ecosystem simplifies AI deployment to organizations worldwide though containerization, platform integrations and hardware installation. 

Chooch AI focuses on helping its partners quickly prototype, integrate and support computer vision that gets real results.

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There Are Many Ways To Team Up To Deploy Computer Vision

Partners work with Chooch AI on the full spectrum of customer engagement from POCs to fully scaled solutions.

Systems Integrators

SIs go the last mile to connect existing camera streams to hardware running Chooch AI models, or install cameras for new programs.


Hardware manufactures partner with Chooch AI to provide complete computer vision systems ready out of the box.

Consulting Firms

Enterprise clients that need computer vision as part of an overall digital transformation strategy.

AI Partners

Chooch AI provides models to AI companies looking for fast, accurate computer vision

Computer Vision Resources

Download executive summaries, watch videos, request demos on our computer vision resources page.

The Value of Partnering With Chooch AI

AI Models

Chooch AI provides AI training for custom models and also pretrained models for common use cases that generate powerful benefits for end customers.

Rapid Deployment

Computer vision can be remotely deployed in hours, allowing partners to rapidly provide working solutions. 

Accelerated AI 

AI models for specific use cases can now be generated in hours allowing stakeholders to leverage computer vision as a utility.  

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From Edge AI deployment videos to coverage by Gartner, learn more about Chooch Edge AI on the AI blog.

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