Computer Vision Solutions for Object Recognition

Businesses now have more visual data (images and videos) at their fingertips than ever before—too much for any human to analyze. Object recognition is a subfield of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision that seeks to recognize the presence of particular objects in an image or video.

For example, suppose that you have a dataset of images of dogs, and you want to classify them by breed. Given an image, an object recognition AI model would identify the breed of each dog depicted in the image, as well as its position within the image.

Note that object recognition is distinct from image recognition, which seeks to apply a single label to an entire image or video. (See our page on image recognition for more details.)

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Chooch AI provides rapid computer vision development, as well as AI models that are ready to deploy as edge AI or AI in the cloud.

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Chooch AI's Object Recognition Services

Building your own object recognition model is too time-consuming and technically complex for most organizations. Unless you have a dedicated in-house team of AI experts, it’s much more efficient and cost-effective to use a computer vision platform like Chooch.

Here at Chooch, we have years of experience building robust AI solutions for industry clients across a wide range of industries. We’ve parlayed this expertise into our own Chooch AI platform that helps anyone train and deploy their own production-ready AI models. Our user-friendly computer vision platform helps with every step of the process, from data collection and training to model deployment and inference.

Computer vision can work on inputs from the satellite to the microscopic, across dozens of industries and with infinite use cases. No matter what your needs and objectives, Chooch is here to help. Contact us if you have a question or concern about building your own object recognition AI model.

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How to Get a Demo of Chooch AI's Object Recognition Service

From retail stores to construction sites, nearly every business can benefit from bringing an AI platform into their operations. So how can you try these services out for yourself?

Chooch makes it easy to get an object recognition demo. When you request a live demo, you can use the Chooch AI dashboard to train your own object recognition models using an annotated dataset of images or videos. The Chooch AI platform can provide a highly accurate object detection demo even for smaller datasets.

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The Chooch AI Object Recognition API

With the Chooch AI platform, you can either train your own computer vision models or use our dozens of pre-trained AI models. In either case, you can access the results through our accessible, user-friendly API.

Chooch AI’s computer vision API performs both image recognition (in the predictions field) and object recognition (in the coordinates field) simultaneously. You can also train your own custom object recognition model and access it through the Chooch AI object recognition API.

Querying the Chooch AI custom object recognition API is simple. Below is a Python code sample:

import requests
import json

url = ‘’
response =
json_data = json.loads(response.content)

A sample response from the object recognition API is below:

“status”: “ok”,
“prediction_type”: “object_detection”,
“predictions”: [
“class_title”: “person”,
“model_id”: 88,
“score”: 0.74613,
“coordinates”: {
“xmin”: 0,
“ymin”: 35,
“ymax”: 297,
“xmax”: 179

where class_title is the model’s prediction, score is the model’s confidence, and model_id is the unique ID of the custom object recognition model that you have trained.

For more information, check out our short Computer Vision API videos.

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