Media Solutions with Visual AI Media Solutions with Visual AI

Media Solutions with Visual AI

Computer Vision for Media and Entertainment

Computer vision has been in use in the media industry for years. Facial recognition opens our phones and automatically tags friends in social media. Now, publishers, retailers, advertisers, and brands face an ever-expanding array of opportunities, from serving more targeting contextual ads to analyzing user submitted content to visual AI augmented reality apps that are no longer futuristic.

Example Visual AI MEDIA Solutions

Chooch AI supports a vast set of media applications for visual AI, including:

  • Image Enrichment: Quickly add metadata to images. Uses include tagging new agency photos and online retail listings. Cloud deployment of AI to identify people and objects. Fast deep tagging saves time & enhances inventory value.
  • Image Quality Control: Chooch detects image defects such as blurriness, nudity, banned content and deep fakes, and sends alerts to editors.
  • Technology App Enablement:  Developers can add computer vision models to their apps. Shopping apps with object recognition.
  • Video Annotation and Analysis: Image and object tagging in video have multiple benefits. Advances content searchability for editing and detailed identification.
  • Contextual Ad Enablement: Identify objects, images, people in video to place ads. Provides customizable metadata to advertising platforms.


Chooch AI is a complete Visual AI solution. We provide AI training and models for any visual data for enterprise deployments. Chooch AI is a fast, flexible, and accurate platform that can process visual data in any spectrum for a wide range of applications across many industries.


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