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Computer Vision for Media AI

Computer Vision for Media and Entertainment

Computer vision has been in use in the media industry for years. Now, with AI platforms, publishers, retailers, advertisers, and brands can take advantage of new tools to serve more targeted contextual ads to analyzing user submitted content to AI AR.

Example Visual AI MEDIA Solutions

Chooch AI supports a wide array of digital media applications with computer vision including:

  • Image Enrichment: Quickly add metadata to images. Uses include tagging new agency photos and online retail listings. Fast deep tagging saves time & enhances inventory value.
  • Image Quality Control:  Detect image defects such as blurriness, nudity, banned content and deep fakes, and sends alerts to editors.
  • Technology App Enablement:  Developers can add computer vision models to apps, from shopping to augmented reality.
  • Video Annotation and Analysis: Image and object tagging in video means advanced content searchability.
  • Contextual Ad Enablement: Identify objects, images, people in video to place ads. Provides metadata to advertising platforms.


Chooch AI is a complete computer vision platform. We provide AI training and AI models for digital media applications. Let’s schedule time to discuss a Chooch AI deployment. 

Computer Vision for Digital Media

AI for Digital Media

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words—and nowhere is this adage more true than in the digital realm. For example, 67 percent of e-commerce shoppers say that the quality of an image is “very important” when deciding which products to buy, while 54 percent say that an image is more valuable than a lengthy product description.

The rise of artificial intelligence and computer vision has unlocked a variety of new opportunities for using digital content in the media industry. According to Rainer Kellerhals, industry lead for media and entertainment in Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Microsoft, AI “will assist human creativity and human curiosity by taking a lot of the leg work out of finding relevant content, navigating large amounts of content, and reformatting and repurposing content.”

Now, computer vision can help improve the quality of your digital media and make your employees more efficient and productive.

Chooch AI Highlights

  • Chooch AI is a computer vision platform that provides AI training, AI model generation, testing and AI deployment.
  • Chooch AI has standard models available for enterprise solutions, deployable at scale across the spectrum of digital media.
  • Chooch AI also provides custom AI models, with POCs available in days, not weeks and months. Contact us for more information about your digital media AI applications.

The importance of Quality Media

High-quality digital images and video are essential for any media organization. Users expect that publishers, advertisers, retailers, and brands will show them digital media that is relevant to their interests, helping them have better interactions and experiences.

With the explosion of digital content, however, this goal is easier said than done. For example, an estimated 300 million photos are uploaded every day to Facebook alone (not to mention 95 million images and videos on its sister site Instagram). Sifting through all of this media is far too much for any human being to handle—which is where AI and computer vision come in.

How computer vision is used for image quality control and deep tagging

Computer vision reproduces or simulates the human visual system, including the ability to be trained to identify objects, states, and so on. By combining advanced computer vision models with the sheer processing power of AI hardware, media and entertainment companies can achieve greater efficiencies and offer more value to their clients.

As discussed above, the possible use cases of computer vision for media AI include:

  • Image quality control: There’s a wide range of reasons why you might wish to exclude an image from your database, from blurriness and poor quality, to nudity that can offend online communities. For ecommerce, poor image quality can cost a sale. Computer vision models can be trained to detect these objectionable images and automatically remove them.
  • Deep tagging: Enhancing images with captions, tags, and other metadata can help you more easily locate them, and help users more easily understand their contents. By using computer vision techniques, you can automatically add metadata to your images (e.g. the identities of the people in the image, or the designer of a particular item of apparel).
  • App enablement: Computer vision can be used to enhance the functionality of existing apps—from using facial recognition to automatically tag people in photographs, to identifying the designer of an item of clothing. This includes augmented reality apps, where computer vision can tag object in near real time.

Digital Media AI App

Next Steps

Chooch has built a user-friendly, all-in-one visual AI platformthat brings computer vision to the masses. From design and training through deployment, we make it easy to build powerful, robust AI models for a wide variety of industries—including media and entertainment, healthcare, retail, safety and security, and more.

Ready to get started? Check out our helpful page of computer vision resources, where you can schedule a call with our team of AI experts for a chat about your business needs and objectives.

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