Manufacturing AI with Computer Vision manufacturing AI used to detect defect bottles in factory

Computer Vision for Manufacturing

Computer Vision for Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing and consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies are leveraging visual AI solutions to improve the operational efficiency of their manufacturing facilities. By partnering with Chooch AI, manufacturing businesses have been able to develop innovative computer vision solutions for the widest range of manufacturing use-cases to achieve impressive ROI benefits.

Why Are Manufacturers Using Visual AI Solutions?

Visual inspections at industrial and CPG manufacturing facilities have always been essential for the purposes of defect/anomaly detection, access control, safety monitoring, and other key functions. However, human workers aren’t always immediately available to perform visual inspections. Moreover, human workers performing monotonous visual inspection tasks are prone to getting bored, losing focus, and overlooking a critical issue or flaw, leading to costly errors. These visual inspections also take time away from other more cognitively demanding tasks.

Computer vision can help manufacturers overcome the challenges, inefficiencies, and costs associated with visual inspection tasks. With adequate training, AI-enabled computer vision systems can learn to distinguish between functional “good” products and a small minority of defective “bad” products. These systems can use facial recognition to monitor and control access to restricted areas. They can also perform key functions for purposes of monitoring workplace safety. They can even track inventories and the locations of goods, products, and supplies to achieve tremendous efficiency improvements in supply chain management. In fact, Chooch AI can develop a computer vision solution to perform nearly any visual monitoring or analysis task with greater speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency than human labor can offer.


Computer Vision for Manufacturing

How Manufacturers Are Benefiting from Chooch Visual AI Solutions Now

At this time, industrial and CPG manufacturers are using Chooch visual AI solutions for the following use-cases:

Detection of manufacturing defects and quality control: Visual AI solutions can detect manufacturing defects and anomalies to prevent broken and poor-quality products from leaving the manufacturing facility. With the right training, Chooch AI systems can identify products with scratches, painting errors, missing pieces, cracks, broken pieces, and any other types of defects that a human visual inspector would look for. These systems allow manufacturers to maintain a high standard of quality for all of their products, protect the reputations of their brands, and meet the AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) for their industries.

Defect found using Computer Vision AI

Management of supply rooms and storage areas: A computer vision system can aid in tracking supplies coming in and going out of storage areas. Visual AI developers can assign codes or other handles that uniquely identify each item in a supply room. Computer vision AI systems can then read these IDs to track the movement of a single product through the supply chain. This allows manufacturers to achieve a more efficient organization of their supply rooms and a better understanding of their inventory levels.

Improvement of on-site security and access control: Visual AI facial authentication systems improve on-site security by improving access control throughout a manufacturing facility. Liveness Detection systems ensure that only the right employees gain access to specific areas. If someone enters an area without authorization, managers and security personnel receive a notification of the security breach immediately.

Remote location security: Computer vision solutions from Chooch use Edge processing of video streams in disconnected environments. They can also send images and alerts to management while monitoring conditions and visitors at unmanned operations sites.

Robotic motion: Many businesses are directly employing robots or “cobots” (“collaborative robots” that interact with humans) in the manufacturing process. These robots can use computer vision to map out their motions (e.g., by following a marked line on the floor).

Monitoring the usage of safety equipment by employees: Computer vision systems can monitor whether manufacturing employees are wearing hard hats, gloves, safety goggles, aprons, and other types of safety equipment. This helps to ensure a safer workplace where employees are adhering to industry safety standards. A safer workplace reduces the risk of injuries and lowers insurance and legal costs.

Monitor workplace safety conditions: In addition to monitoring safety equipment usage, visual AI can track PPE, social distancing between employees, foot traffic, fork-lift traffic, and more. This helps manufacturing companies comply with health safety regulations while achieving a safer workplace.

Improve fire safety: Chooch visual AI systems use infrared cameras to detect the signs of smoke and fire. These systems can even prevent fires by watching for overheating devices and machinery, then notifying human supervisors to resolve the problem before an actual fire occurs.

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