Facial Authentication with Visual AI

The Power of Facial Authentication with Liveness Detection

The powerful facial authentication system from Chooch AI provides a variety of solutions in healthcare, hospitality, financial services, security, retail and many more. With extremely high accuracy and a response time, consent-based facial authentication adds a strong layer of security to the enterprise.

Facial Authentication Solutions

Healthcare. Prevents patient misidentification from intake to discharge, improves fraud detection and secure medical facilities by validating authorized personnel.

Security & Safety. Strong identity confirmation for on-site employees and remote worker identity confirmation. Flight and secure space check in confirmation.

Financial Services. Ensure identity for digital signature services, account access, transfers and more. Liveness Detection prevents presentation attacks and can greatly reduce fraud.

Concept to Visual AI Deployment

Our team has deep expertise in scoping, planning and developing computer vision projects for global scale. Our workflow includes:

  • Solutions Design
  • Data Collection
  • Annotation & Labelling
  • Model Development
  • Prototype Testing
  • Integration
  • Support & Growth

Please get in touch to discuss how we can add radical efficiencies to your visual processes.


Chooch AI empowers rapid computer vision development and deployment. Currently used in the healthcare, geospatial, security, media, retail and other industries, Chooch AI integrates easily via API with your information networks. Chooch AI can be embedded in imaging devices for edge processing, installed on premise, or networked through the cloud providing infinite scale and power to meet processing demands.

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