Industrial Solutions with Visual AI Industrial Solutions with Visual AI

Industrial Solutions with Visual AI

Computer Vision for Industry

Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and industrial operations are incorporating visual AI to unlock efficiencies across a broad range of tasks in which human error can be extremely costly. The Chooch AI platform brings higher accuracy and speed to many visual processes, ranging from defect analysis to quality control, to ensuring safe workplace conditions

Example Visual AI Industrial Solutions

Chooch’s visual AI platform supports a variety of industrial use cases, including:

  • Anomaly Detection. Monitor manufacturing processes with visual to detect changes or trained flaws such as dust, scratches, levels. Ensures higher quality.
  • Facial Authentication. Strong identity confirmation for workers, facilities access and more. Liveness Detection prevents unauthorized entry.
  • Remote Location Security. Edge processing of video streams in disconnected environments. Still images and alerts sent to management to monitor conditions and visitors at unmanned operations sites.
  • Workplace Safety. Improve compliance in a wide variety of workplace scenarios. Reduce risk of injuries, legal costs. Increases safety and worker retention.
  • Multi-sensor Imaging Analysis. Provides analysis of electro-optical, from any source. Greatly exceeds human visual capabilities.


Chooch AI is a complete Visual AI solution. We provide AI training and models for any visual data for enterprise deployments. Chooch AI is a fast, flexible, and accurate platform that can process visual data in any spectrum for a wide range of applications across many industries.


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