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IDC Says Chooch Computer Vision Software Platform "Will Accelerate Adoption and Time to Value"

IDC states that the “Chooch horizontal (vertical-agnostic) platform supports rapid data set generation capabilities using machine labeling techniques such as smart annotation, data augmentation, and use of synthetic data, along with pre-trained ready-to-use models. They believe this will accelerate adoption and time to value computer vision–powered solutions across industry verticals”.

Chooch is a modular, full-lifecycle computer vision software platform that enables enterprises and ecosystem partners to replicate human visual tasks in any industry and deploy them anywhere accurately and rapidly.

Chooch’s unique, no-code, enterprise-ready computer vision software platform has been deployed at scale on-premise, in the cloud and on edge devices in multiple industries, including manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, oil and gas, healthcare, public sector, workplace safety, media and retail.

Applications range widely from preventing workplace accidents to mask detection and social distancing compliance, safety equipment assurance, preventive maintenance of remote equipment, engaged buyer alerts, defect detection, facial authentication and image quality control.



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