Geospatial Solutions with Visual AI Geospatial Solutions with Visual AI

Geospatial Solutions with Visual AI

Geospatial Computer Vision

Satellite and UAV imagery is exploding at rates that vastly exceed human ability to analyze and interpret the data. From agriculture to urban planning, disaster relief to insurance, conservation to earth science, the Chooch Visual AI platform increases both throughput and accuracy. Chooch AI empowers geospatial analysis both on the edge and in the cloud, through dense classification, object detection, and rectangular and polygonal segmentation techniques.

Example Visual AI GEOSPATIAL Solutions

Examples of how Chooch has built machine learning and visual AI models to address our clients’ geospatial needs include:

  • Wildfire Detection. Models trained to identify wildfires with extremely high accuracy. Edge AI installed on satellite or aircraft captures stills from videos when fire activity is detected. Alerts are sent to decision makers. 
  • Change Detection. Disaster relief, water level changes, industrial activity. Detailed analysis such as percentage change estimates in damaged buildings. Trained from existing imagery. Highly scalable.
  • Multi-sensor Imaging Analysis. Provides analysis of electro-optical, infrared, synthetic aperture radar, from any source. Greatly exceeds human visual capabilities. Objects on ground identified in under 0.1 seconds. Video training generates 1000s of annotated images per minute.
  • Aircraft, UAV and Satellite Integration. Chooch can install and manage thousands of classes as embedded vision on GPUs. Lightweight, energy-efficient package installed on a wide variety of observation vehicles.


Chooch AI is a complete Visual AI solution. We provide AI training and models for any visual data for enterprise deployments. Chooch AI is a fast, flexible, and accurate platform that can process visual data in any spectrum for a wide range of applications across many industries.



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