Chooch Inference Engine Setup Guide


Welcome to the Chooch Inference Engine Setup.


Within the dashboard, this guide will walk you through the steps to set up an edge device running Chooch AI models for NVDIA GPU’s and Intel Processors. The guide will explain how to use the Chooch AI Vision Studio to create a device, then add camera streams and add AI models to the device. Finally, you will run a script that installs the AI models on the hardware and access the Chooch Inference Engine to see the AI in action.


Please note you will need a free account on the Chooch AI Vision Studio. If you don’t yet have one, please sign up here. For the moment, you will also need an Enterprise account. Please request one here. Or learn more about Chooch Inference Engine.


Hardware Requirements


Compatible Graphics Card Arcihtectures

• Amper

• Volta

• Pascal

• Turing

Compatible Operating Systems

• Ubuntu* 18.04.3 LTS and above (64 bit)


• Min 32GB RAM


• 256GB SSD Drive

3rd Party Software Requirements

• Nvidia Drivers – Latest Versions

• Nvidia Docker


Compatible Processors

• 8th to 10th generation Intel® Core™ > i7 (suggested i9)

• 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors

Compatible Operating Systems

• Ubuntu* 18.04.3 LTS and above (64 bit)


• Min 32GB RAM


• 256GB SSD Drive

3rd Party Software Requirements

• Docker

Installation Requirements

PC GPU Setup Guide


-An Internet connection is needed to perform many of the following steps

-Many of the following command lines will require your system’s root or super user password


Installation requirements for Ubuntu server – GPU:

If Ubuntu has not been installed, please use the following link. If Ubuntu has been previously installed, please skip to next step.



Enter the following script to your terminal and follow the instructions:

This installation time may take approximately 60 minutes or more, based on your network upload speed.


#default GPU install (see below for other optional arguments)
#NOTE: api key MUST go after -k argument. Other optional argument append to the end

bash -c "$(curl" -s -k  api_key

Optional arguments:

-c: CPU install

-v: vGPU install

-d <install_dir>: install directory (defaults to $HOME if not specified)

  • api_key: API Key provided by Chooch can be found on your dashboard.

PC CPU Setup Guide

Installation requirements for Ubuntu Server for CPU:

Please follow the docker installation instructions

Installation Chooch Edge Service:

1. Log in to your Chooch AI Vision Studio account.


2. Go to Devices

3. Create a device

4. Add a stream to your device

5. Add Models to your Stream

6. Copy & paste the Device ID of the device you want to connect. The Device list can be found under the Devices tab of your dashboard.

7. Set a password to access to the dashboard.

8. You can access your Chooch Inference Engine interface on the device after installation, from http://localhost:3000

9. Now you can start using the system!

Some useful commands start,stop and restart the service on device.


docker-compose start


docker-compose stop


docker-compose restart