Edge AI for Video Analytics and IoT Edge AI for Video Analytics and IoT

Edge AI for Video Analytics and IoT

Embedded Vision, Radically Improved

Designed for video analytics and IoT applications, Chooch Edge AI deployments deliver responses in as little as 0.2 seconds on a variety of platforms with higher than 90% accuracy.

The powerful Computer Vision AI system from Chooch provides embedded vision for many solutions in AIoT, geospatial, security, media, healthcare, hospitality, banking, retail and more.

Chooch AI creates complete solutions from AI training in the cloud through to deployment. Edge deployments are managed from the cloud, with models that include object recognition, facial authentication, action logging, complex counting and more.

More Details on Edge AI

  • Industry leading NVIDIA Jetson processors designed for AI and robotic applications
  • Integrates with existing systems at negligible impact to size, weight, and power restrictions
  • Can run 8 models, 8000 Classifications on NVDIA Jetson Nano
  • Chooch Edge AI inference engines generates responses under 0.5 seconds, and processes 10 simultaneous calls per second
  • Devices are assigned unique IDs and can handle up to 4 cameras per device
  • Remotely managed and updated from the Chooch AI Dashboard


Chooch AI provides rapid computer vision deployment, with model development in days not weeks. In use across many industries, Chooch AI integrates easily via API with existing information networks.

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