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Computer Vision for Drone AI

AI in Drones for Computer Vision

Drone-based computer vision solutions offer a wide range of benefits for nearly every business sector. The technology uses live video feeds from drone cameras and interprets the information with accurate AI models

Drone AI solutions from Chooch can identify objects, count livestock, look for infrastructure defects, and essentially achieve any task that would normally require human eyes and analysis.

Applications for drone AI include everything from tracking farm animals, to identifying vehicles, evaluating electrical lines, and finding leaks or flares in industrial settings. Compared to human workers, drone AI systems can monitor larger areas and more visual data – with dramatically greater speed and accuracy – for a fraction of the cost. 

Need Computer Vision for Drones?

What is Drone AI?

Drone-based visual AI systems work by pulling live or recorded video from flying drones and sending it to edge devices running trained computer vision AI models. Once deployed onto edge devices, the AI models inference on the visual data and send immediate alerts, reports, and alerts to decision-makers.  

At Chooch AI, our pre-trained AI models are ready to start inferencing on your drone video feeds immediately. 

Depending on the complexity of the use case, organizations can train new AI models and be up and running in a matter of weeks – even just days in many cases.

Use Cases for Drone AI

Chooch’s drone-based computer vision strategies can use high-quality cameras, radar, LiDar, and/or infrared technologies to see and analyze visual data pertaining to the widest variety of settings and use-cases. This empowers drone AI users to exceed the observational and interpretive capacities of human ability in ways that we never dreamed possible. 

Chooch’s drone AI strategies offer immediate solutions for the following use-cases:

Manufacturing and Industrial

In a manufacturing or industrial setting, users can routinely deploy computer vision drones to continually watch for cracks and leaks in key pieces of infrastructure – such as pipes, storage towers, water tanks, gas tanks, and more. These systems can observe important machinery components for early and immediate detection of overheating and flares. They can fly through tunnels, mines, along pipes and electric lines, or high above facilities to monitor for specific criteria.  Learn more about Industrial AI Solutions.   

Smart Cities

Smart cities can deploy drone-based visual AI technology for faster, earlier, and more efficient detection and response to a host of issues. Cities can use drone AI to monitor and watch for transportation-related challenges like traffic slowdowns, traffic jams, and traffic accidents. This can help first responders to arrive on the scene faster and provide vital telemetry data for improving traffic flow and traffic safety throughout the city. Drone AI for smart cities can also watch for the signs of flooding, fires, and the risks of fires. This allows cities to intervene with preventative measures or respond faster in emergency situations. 

Agriculture and Environmental Monitoring 

In agricultural and environmental monitoring use-cases, drone AI substantially boosts the capacity to understand what is happening across large-scale properties, farms, ranches, forests, and nature areas. Drone AI can monitor agricultural land and ranches to observe the health and status of crops and livestock. It can conduct surveillance and security missions on large properties to check and identify vehicles and individuals that enter the property. These systems can also identify fires and the risks of fires, flooding, and other environmental concerns across large areas of land.

Next Steps

With Chooch AI, you can quickly deploy edge AI and Drone AI models onto your devices so you can start testing the platform immediately. We can also create custom models for your particular use case. To get started with a drone-based AI solution, fill out the form to create an account on the Chooch AI platform now.