Learn about the Chooch Computer Vision Platform: Get an AI Demo

Learn about the Chooch Computer Vision Platform: Get an AI Demo

Computer Vision with the Chooch IC2 App

Chooch IC2 is our free AI demo app, which uses computer vision to tag objects in live video and still images.

You can use Chooch IC2 to recognize any object with your phone and train the AI app to recognize new things.

Chooch provides visual AI for the enterprise, but you can easily see how computer vision works with the AI demo app now in order to get some insight into the speed of our visual AI platform.

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Object recognition using the Chooch IC2 app

Computer Vision via Direct Upload

Simply upload a photo, and Chooch will tag your visual content by matching within its Perception Library.

You can train Chooch to recognize anything, from types of leaves to objects under a microscope.
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Why Did We Create the Chooch IC2 Computer Vision App and AI Demo?

Our team wanted to offer a full demonstration of the capabilities of the Chooch AI computer vision platform, including image recognition, object recognition and AI training.

While some computer vision solutions may offer videos and presentations, there’s no substitute for letting users actually test the power of computer vision for themselves. Chooch’s open AI demos give you a peek behind the curtain, revealing not only how computer vision works, but also how AI models are trained and deployed.

After creating a free account on the Chooch AI platform, you’ll gain access to more than 200,000 classes for the different objects and classes available in our AI app. Just sign up and click on the “Public Models” tab to see all of the pre-trained AI demos available to you.

Ready to get started? Download the Chooch AI app today. Our computer vision app comes in both Android and iOS versions.

Check Out Our Computer Vision Demo Videos

Need more proof of the power of computer vision? We’ve put together a series of short videos that illustrate the nearly limitless use cases of computer vision.

Just a few applications of computer vision include:

To see everything that the Chooch AI platform has to offer, check out our computer vision demo videos now.

Chooch Image Recognition

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Chooch Image Recognition

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