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Try the Chooch AI Demo Apps For Android and iPhone

IC2 is the free amazing AI demo app for Chooch AI, which uses computer vision to tag objects in live video and still images.

You can use Chooch to recognize things with your phone and train the AI app to recognize new things.

Chooch provides visual AI for the enterprise, but try the free AI demo app now to get some insight into the speed our our visual AI platform.

Demo Chooch AI Now

Demo Chooch AI Now

Simply upload a photo in this web-based AI demo. Chooch will tag your visual content by matching within its Perception Library.

You can train Chooch to recognize anything, from types of leaves to objects under a microscope.
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Image Recognition Demo from Chooch AI

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In your AI demo from Chooch you will learn how any organization can deploy computer vision today.

AI Demo App for iPhone and Android

Why Did We Create This AI App and the AI Demos?

Unlike many other AI companies, the team at Chooch AI created to demonstrate our visual AI demos are for  image recognition, object recognition and AI training – live. While others may provide presentations, true AI demos allow users and future customers to actually experience computer vision and understand not only how it works on the use side, but also how it is created.

Our open AI demos achieve just such a result. By create a free account on our  AI platform, you can see the roughly 200,000 AI classes we have created for these AI demos including our AI app. Simply sign up, click on perceptions, and you can see how this computer vision system works. Download the AI app for comparison. Select the Android AI App or iPhone AI App.

When video from your phone streams from the AI app to our server for the AI demo, Chooch identifies objects in the video, and sends back metadata to your phone. That metadata appears in the red tags in the AI demo. Now, you can also demo our AI training. Simply tap the train icon on your phone and Chooch will ask you what you are training with the AI. Simply follow the steps. Once trained you can then point your phone – or a colleague’s phone with our AI demo app installed – at the object, you will see IC2 trigger the perception that you have created with AI training.

Open AI demos really demonstrate how AI works and make it tangible. So, download the AI app. Or scroll up a bit and simply upload a picture into our online AI demo. You will get metadata sent to you from our AI in the cloud.

Chooch Image Recognition

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Chooch Image Recognition

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