Which technology firm has cutting edge AI capabilities in 2021?


Oct. 13, 2021

The answer to the question “Which technology firm has cutting-edge AI capabilities in 2021?” heavily depends on where you’re looking and what kind of features and use cases you’re considering. The good news is that artificial intelligence has never been so freely available to anyone who can afford it. Developments such as edge AI and pre-trained language models are democratizing the field of artificial intelligence, putting even state-of-the-art accomplishments within reach for the end user.

If you’re asking which technology firms are on the cutting edge of AI developments themselves, however, then there are a few names that immediately come to mind:

  • Google: Any conversation on the cutting-edge AI technology firms has to include Google. In May 2021, for example, they showed off LaMDA, a conversational language model that can talk about practically any topic under the sun. The company runs platforms such as Google Cloud and Google Colab to make machine learning resources available to the masses. Google is also heavily involved in AI research (especially through its DeepMind subsidiary) and publishes frequently at top conferences like NeurIPS.
  • OpenAI: OpenAI is perhaps best known for its series of GPT language models. The most recent one, GPT-3, has 175 billion model parameters and can produce sentences and short paragraphs that are often indistinguishable from human writing. But GPT is only scratching the surface of OpenAI’s accomplishments. Already in 2021, they’ve released DALL-E, a neural network that can create images from scratch based on short text descriptions. Last year, they also released Jukebox, a neural network that can produce music in a wide range of genres and artist styles.
  • Boston Dynamics: Boston Dynamics is a bit of a “sleeper hit” among cutting-edge AI research because it specializes in a single application: robotics. However, there’s every indication that the company is about to go mainstream in a big way. In December 2020, Boston Dynamics released a massively viral video of humanoid robots showing off some seriously impressive dance moves.
  • Chooch: Of course, having this cutting-edge AI out there means nothing if organizations can’t use it for their own needs and purposes. Businesses like Chooch, which specializes in computer vision, are focused on bringing the power of cutting-edge AI to the masses, helping companies increase efficiency and cut costs. Chooch’s user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for anyone to build, train, and deploy their own powerful computer vision AI models for a wide variety of use cases.

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