Live AI Demos for Enterprise AI Deployments


Aug. 12, 2020

Chooch AI offers live ai demos to enterprises that understand the value of computer vision and are seeking to replicate human visual tasks. If your organization is seeking a demo of the Chooch ai platform, please request a demo and we will provide you with a calendar link to schedule a time.

During the demo, our customer success team will walk you through how the Cloud AI dashboard functions, providing data collection and ai training with video annotation, and finally how Chooch can test AI models. We can also discuss how to generate an AI API key, and how to deploy models to edge devices, creating powerful edge AI systems.

Anomaly Detection with Computer Vision

Please be prepared with some information that our team will want to know. Why is your organization making the change to using Visual AI right now? Why Chooch AI? What is your Visual AI use case? Are you looking for an Edge or Cloud solution? What is your current timeline?

Our computer vision platform is quite unique in its flexibility, meaning that you can add and change models very easily, as opposed to single purpose machine vision solutions for a specific manufacturing process.

Chooch AI is also very fast to train and deploy because of our video annotation tool, which allows us to use video as the basis for AI training, generating up to 1000 annotated images per minute.

Speed are also very high with Chooch AI, with Edge AI inference speeds as low as 0.02 seconds, and with no compromise in accuracy because of our patented contextual AI technology.

Ready for Visual AI? Get in touch about an AI demo.



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