Edge AI Breakthroughs: Speed, Accuracy & Deployments.


Sep. 2, 2020

Join a panel from NVIDIA, Chooch AI & Convergint Technologies to discuss edge AI deployment strategies that achieve breakthrough performance in this 30 minute technology for business presentation followed by Q&A.

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The implications of Edge AI for cost savings and quality improvements are massive for every industry. Chooch AI performs rapid AI training in the cloud, then exports AI models to industry leading NVIDIA Jetson devices. The edge AI deployments achieve extreme response-time performance of 0.02 seconds on multiple video feeds with extremely high accuracy for a wide variety of use cases. As a systems integrator, Convergint is able to help clients design, deploy, and manage advanced AI Video solutions using Chooch and NVIDIA technology on a global scale.

Join these Speakers

Amit Goel Director of Product Management, Embedded AI Platforms @NVIDIA

Amit Goel is Director of Product Management for Embedded AI Platforms at NVIDIA – a platform computing company operating at the intersection of AI, graphics and HPC. NVIDIA supports AI startups like Chooch with training, technology, and go-to-market support through its acceleration program, NVIDIA Inception.

Steve Washburn Business Development Manager, AI Video @Convergint Technologies

Convergint Technologies is a system integrator that helps clients deploy, manage, and support mission critical IoT cameras on a global scale, with over 5,000 colleagues, operations in over 70 different countries and annual revenue in excess of $1.5B

Michael Liou VP Strategy and Growth @Chooch AI

The Chooch AI platform delivers complete visual AI solutions, reducing costs and increasing accuracy for a wide range of processes and industries. Chooch AI is deployed on the edge and in the cloud, delivering fast, accurate computer vision for any spectrum of visual data.

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