Drone AI: Computer Vision for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


May. 13, 2021

The global commercial drone market is projected to reach $34.5 billion by 2026, growing at an annual rate of 32 percent. As drones have become cheaper and more widely available to consumers, the amount of drone imagery is likewise exploding. So how can you possibly hope to analyze the vast amounts of information that drones are collecting every second? The answer lies in AI and computer vision for drones. Thanks to technological advances in recent years, computer vision models can equal or even exceed human performance on image classification and object detection tasks—within just a fraction of a second. 

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are used by a wide range of industries including:

  • Natural resources, to track wildlife populations, monitor reforestation efforts, track livestock
  • Security, to perform reconnaissance and surveillance.
  • Emergency services, to search for survivors or deliver medical supplies to remote areas.

For many drone AI applications, every second counts. That’s why you can also use edge AI to further improve the speed and latency of your computer vision models for UAVs. Rather than sending collected data to the cloud, edge AI does the processing directly on so-called “edge” devices located close to the source of collection.

One question remains: how can you harness the power of computer vision for your own organization? Chooch AI is a powerful yet accessible computer vision solution with a simple goal: bring AI to the masses. With Chooch’s user-friendly dashboard, it’s easy for any organization to train, deploy, and maintain sophisticated, production-ready computer vision models. Chooch also has extensive experience helping organizations build AI models on edge devices.

In particular, Chooch includes dozens of pre-trained models for image classification and object detection. Chooch’s pre-trained models for drone AI include:

  • Animal species
  • Landscapes and nature
  • Buildings and spaces
  • Plants, flowers, and vegetation
  • Roads
  • Pedestrians and vehicles
  • Fire detection

    Chooch AI Models Can Be Trained for Visual Detection

    Want to view Chooch’s drone AI capabilities in action? Check out our short YouTube video “Drone AI: Counting Animals in Action” to see how you can use drone videos to count dozens of animals like cows and buffalo.

    To learn how you can use drone AI, get in touch with our team of computer vision experts for a chat about your business needs and objectives. You can also consult our page of computer vision resources for more ideas, including data sheets, case studies, and videos.

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