Computer Vision Demos


Jun. 14, 2021

Chooch AI has created many very short computer vision demo videos to make the kind of problems computer vision solves totally clear. At Chooch, we can create proof of concepts, just like these demos, very rapidly for our customers – in days, not weeks or months. While other AI companies may provide powerpoints, the computer vision platform at Chooch AI allows customers to partner with us to create true computer vision solutions.

Have a look at our quick computer vision demo videos below and then

Computer Vision Demo Use Cases


AI Models for PPE Compliance: Deploy Safety Equipment Detection To Intelligent Video Analytics Now

Learn more about PPE Detection or read the White Paper on Workplace Safety with AI.

Computer Vision for Security AI: Catching Break-Ins with Chooch AI


Leak Detection and Remote Site Monitoring with Computer Vision


Drone AI: Counting Animals With Computer Vision Demo


Computer Vision AI Models for Wildfire Detection: Deployable Now


AI Models for Action Detection: computer vision can detect falls, improving safety with edge AI.


Computer Vision: Smoke and Fire Detection and Alerts with AI


Computer Vision for Healthcare and Public Safety: AI Detection of Mask Noncompliance


Social Distancing AI: Computer Vision and Intelligent Video Analytics


AI Model for Public Safety: AI for Detecting Hand Washing Steps


AI Action Detection: Computer Vision Demo for Health and Safety


AI Demo App: Computer Vision in Art Museums and more


AI Model for Cough and Mask Detection to confront COVID-19


AI Mask Detection, putting edge ai, computer vision and intelligent video analytics to good use


Synthetic Data Generation Demo with the Chooch AI Computer Vision Platform


Airport Computer Vision: Luggage Detection and Luggage Tracking with Chooch AI


AI Security: Computer Vision with Drones and Robotics for the Security Industry


Computer Vision for Healthcare AI


Restaurant AI: Mask Detection and Safety Compliance with Computer Vision


Manufacturing AI: Computer Vision for Defect Detection, Process Tracking, PPE Compliance, and more.


Retail AI: Computer Vision for Consumer Behavior, Inventory Monitoring, Facilities, AI Checkout



Try the Chooch AI Demo App on Android and iPhone

IC2 is the free amazing AI demo app from Chooch AI, which uses computer vision to tag objects in live video and still images.

You can use Chooch to recognize things with your phone and train the AI app to recognize new things.

Chooch provides visual AI for the enterprise, but try the free AI demo app now to get some insight into the speed our our visual AI platform.

Want to know more?

Go to the computer vision resources page for whitepapers and guides to deployments.

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