Computer Vision Company Chooch Cracks Code on Connecting Remote Workers


Feb. 28, 2022

Head of People Operations Infuses Culture & Fun with Weekly StandUps

Computer Vision Platform Chooch, is pleased to announce that it is possible to create a diverse yet culturally-connected remote workforce – even if your company is a hyper-growth software startup with employees living and working all over the world. Tools like Slack and Zoom were important. But the ultimate key to success in connecting remote workers was less about technology and more about people.

This year when Chooch promoted Noel McCullar to Head of People Operations, everything started to come together. This unique role was created because the company believes in diversity and the power of hiring and promoting the best people anywhere in the world. Plus, the role was needed because the number of remote workers – most of whom live and work outside of Silicon Valley and some of whom even live and work outside of the United States – tripled from 20 to 60, creating urgency to connect remote employees culturally.

Noel McCullar was the ideal choice for the new Head of People Operations role. He had previously managed customer success at Google, Apple, and ZenDesk. And, Noel exemplified the company culture because he was one of the first employees at Chooch, where he wore several different hats before being tapped for his number one strength – people.

Noel put his people skills to use immediately and launched Friday Morning Weekly StandUps from 8-9am pacific time via Zoom. After fun exchanges, the Weekly StandUps begin with an update from the CEO on key achievements for the week. And, then Noel tees up the cultural topic for the rest of the meeting.

Examples of this Month’s Culture-Building Weekly StandUps

February is a culture-rich month and Chooch’s People Operations Leader helped the entire team learn and have fun about different cultures.

For instance, to celebrate Black History Month, Noel hosted a Weekly StandUp to discuss Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech and talk about how to make that dream a reality.

This month, Noel also hosted a 7-question competition on who knows the most about Chinese New Year’s traditions. Not surprisingly, an American-born Chinese employee won and did her culture proud. But the team learned a lot – and had some fun competing.

And, another Weekly Standup featured a short leadership video by Simon Sinek. Afterwards, participants were broken into smaller online groups to discuss what leadership was. Then, someone from each smaller team volunteered to share their findings with the whole team. Noel captured the discussion, which included several creative ways to celebrate leadership at all levels of the company including a monthly employee leadership award and using future Weekly StandUps to give shoutouts to people who exemplified leadership that week. Finally, Noel sent out an electronic recap so that all employees who were not able to attend receive the update.

“We believe in the potential power of every individual,” said Emrah Gultekin, CEO and co-founder of Chooch. “It takes a good environment to bring out individual contributions. We are pleased to be able to hire and promote talents like Noel, helping Chooch crack the code on culturally connecting our remote workers.”

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