Chooch AI Presentations at NVIDIA GTC April 12-16th


Apr. 6, 2021

GTC is NVIDIA’s annual conference, and Chooch will give a presentation on Computer Vision Platform Innovation and Case Studies, a product demo on Deploying Computer Vision to the Edge, and a panel, Delivering on the Promise of Smart Cities with AI. Register for NVIDIA GTC then follow this link to sign up for any of the three Chooch AI presentations, and 100s more informational sessions from 4/12 to 4/16.

Panel: Delivering on the Promise of Smart Cities with AI. George DeLisle moderates, with Dina Kamal, of Deloitte Canada, Omnia AI, Jumbi Edulbehramof NVIDIA and Emrah Gultekin, CEO Chooch AI.

Smart Cities are now enabled by a new wave of public/private initiatives and technology advancements, computer vision, 5G, sensors and edge devices. 

Join this in depth panel with NVIDIA, Deloitte and Chooch AI for a discussion on recent deployments around the world that point to a maturing ecosystem ready to service humanity as a whole.

AI is empowering a better, safer, more just future. Examples range widely, from base-of-the future/city-of-the future initiatives from the DoD to AI-driven surgical operating rooms, from protective equipment detection for industrial safety to fall detection for elder care, from more timely smoke and fire detection to instant ground object identification from drones. 

Now, accurate, flexible AI delivered on the edge is helping cities become truly smarter, less biased, safer, and more secure.

Presentation: Computer Vision Platform Innovation, Case Studies In Safety, Telecom, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Beyond. With Michael Liou, VP Strategy and Growth, Chooch AI.

Computer vision can now be trained and applied to virtually any human visual process with a flexible horizontal platform that provides the entire lifecycle, from data ingestion to inference. This presentation will include technical details of case studies, including dataset generation, model training, device requirements and camera configurations.

Case studies will cover a wide range of applications; mask and social distancing detection for public health to vehicle authentication and flare detection at oil and gas sites; surgical theater tool and action tracking, OSHA safety compliance for PPE, defect detection on manufacturing lines and near edge deployments for 5G. Organizations can deploy computer vision flexibly from integrated AI platforms that provide complete solutions.

Demo: Deploying Computer Vision on the Edge, The Complete Lifecycle. With Emrah Gultekin, CEO, Chooch AI.

Computer vision deployments have been simplified by integrating a complex suite of processes that have been orchestrated to work together as a complete platform. From dataset generation to AI training to inferencing, this GTC session will present computer vision as a seamless process that can be flexibly created, updated, and provisioned remotely. With this platform, existing and new cameras can be connected to edge devices, AI models can be deployed to the edge devices, and inferences can be generated for further processing.

Register for NVIDIA GTC then follow this link for the three Chooch AI presentations.


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