Airport Computer Vision: Luggage Detection and Luggage Tracking with Chooch AI


Dec. 17, 2021

Lost luggage is a frustrating experience for both passengers and airline operators. With airport computer vision, airline operators can detect and track luggage which reduces instances of misdirected or lost luggage. These mix-ups often lead to customer complaints, compensations, and fines from regulatory authorities. Our computer vision platform ensures that all luggage makes it to the flight and that it gets off the plane when the flight lands. It also issues alerts when luggage is left behind.

This is how our AI models uses computer vision to track and detect luggage in airports:

  • Chooch AI trains computer vision models to identify luggage with object recognition.
  • Models run on our edge device platform to identify the luggage.
  • During landing and take-off, computer vision ensures that all luggage is loaded and offloaded.
  • If any luggage is left behind, the model sends an alert to decision makers so they can take remedial action.

Chooch AI can deploy luggage tracking and detection in airports and to airlines and ground handlers to ensure that luggage arrives. It’s easy to train Chooch AI’s luggage detection models within days and deploy them within hours instead of weeks. We will also be sure to touch on examples of edge devices. To learn more about luggage detection AI, contact our representatives today.