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  • Liveness Detection: The Missing Piece for Infinitely Scalable Facial Authentication

    When a person gains access to a secure building, sensitive data, or vast sums of corporate finance via facial authentication, how do you know they are who they say they are - for sure?

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  • 6 Applications of Machine Learning for Computer Vision

    Artificial Intelligence is nothing new to anyone reading this blog, or most of the people on the planet. Siri, Alexa, and web chatbots have made AI commonplace.  Yet, imagine what AI can do when you give it a pair of eyes and a trai

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  • How Organizations Benefit From Facial Authentication with Facial AI from Chooch

    Facial authentication has more uses than just simple biometrics. Businesses and the public sector are seeing its value and potential, which the public supports overall with some limits. This is why many organizations are looking for ways to integr

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  • Facial Recognition bad? Facial authentication better? Facial authorization best?

    Facial recognition is currently enjoying a very bad name for fear of a surveillance state. Mass facial recognition indeed means governments can potentially know where everyone is, all the time. Facial recognition answers the question “who ar

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