Computer Vision Solutions: Consult With Chooch AI Computer Vision Solutions: Consult With Chooch AI

Computer Vision Consulting


The first step to any computer vision deployment is a consulting call to discuss the problems an organization wishes to solve.

Chooch AI is a complete solution for media enrichment, action logging, complex counting, facial authentication, anomaly or change detection, IoT on the edge and more.

Each model has applications across many industries from healthcare to finance, retail to security, media to manufacturing, and beyond.

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Concept to Visual AI Deployment

Our team has deep expertise in scoping, planning and developing computer vision projects for global scale. Our typical workflow includes:

  • Solutions Design
  • Data Collection
  • Annotation & Labelling
  • Model Development
  • Prototype Testing
  • Integration
  • Support & Growth

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Chooch AI empowers rapid computer vision development and deployment on the edge and in the cloud. Currently used in the healthcare, geospatial, security, media, retail and other industries, Chooch AI integrates easily via API with your information networks.


How to Make the Most of Your Computer Vision Consulting Process

Computer vision consulting from Chooch AI empowers organizations to rapidly design, build, and implement cutting-edge visual AI solutions for the widest variety of use cases. Compared to other computer vision vendors — which take an average of six to nine months to develop a visual AI solution — Chooch allows you to design, train, and deploy sophisticated computer vision solutions in an average of one to three weeks. With the help of your designated Chooch AI computer vision consultant, your visual AI solution will be up and running in no time.

At Chooch AI, the computer vision consulting process involves the following core steps:

(1) Define the Problems You Want to Solve

Defining the problems you want to solve with computer vision is the first step in the process of designing and training a visual AI solution. As a general rule of thumb, if a task requires human eyes and human analysis, you can use the Chooch AI platform to train a visual AI model that accurately completes the task — and does it faster, less expensively, and more accurately than human workers. 

You and your computer vision consultant will answer the following questions to define the problems you want to solve:

  • What tasks do you want computer vision to complete? Modern visual AI systems are capable of completing the widest variety of tasks that used to be the domain of human workers only. Tasks could relate to defect detection at manufacturing facilities, enforcing the use of personal protection equipment (PPE) by employees, or evaluating the condition of key pieces of industrial infrastructure for maintenance purposes.   
  • How are these tasks normally accomplished in your organization? Describe the methods your organization currently uses to complete these tasks in detail. 
  • What are your current metrics in terms of accuracy, timing, and cost for the completion of these tasks? Define key metrics regarding the success of task completion, how long it takes, how many employees it requires, the training required for employees, and how much the current process costs. 
  • How do you want to improve on these metrics? Set goals for how you want visual AI to improve on your current metrics. 


As an example of a computer vision use case for manufacturing, imagine you’re designing a computer vision solution for a beverage factory. The visual AI model needs to detect when caps are misaligned or missing from bottles. You’ll want to describe the current methods for detecting bottle cap-related defects, and the success rates and costs associated with the tasks. Finally, you’ll want to set a goal for improving on those metrics with computer vision. 

After a thorough evaluation of the problems you want to solve, your Chooch AI consultant may be able to recommend additional computer vision solutions that you hadn’t previously considered. In many cases, Chooch customers are surprised to find that the Chooch AI platform can meet and exceed their initial computer vision goals. 

(2) Make a POC Plan to Create Organizational Buy-In

Now that you know the problems you want to solve, it’s time to develop a proof-of-concept (POC) that you can present to decision-makers and stakeholders at your organization. Your Chooch AI consultant will help you develop a rock-solid POC to ensure organizational buy-in. 

You and your Chooch AI consultant will answer the following questions while developing your computer vision POC: 

    • Where will you implement the pilot? If your organization has multiple locations, decide which one is the best and most convenient for installing and testing the pilot of your computer vision solution. 
    • Who will be responsible for managing the visual AI solution? Define the staffing requirements for managing the computer vision solution.  
    • Will you use existing cameras or do you need to work with partners to install new cameras? If you already have a network of HD cameras, you may not have to install one. However, many organizations will need to decide which partners they will use to source and install the required camera equipment. 
    • Do you need a systems integrator? If your organization lacks the tech resources to install and integrate a Chooch AI solution, your Chooch AI consultant can recommend a trusted partner to manage these tasks on your behalf. 

  • How much will the POC cost? Define the development and long-term maintenance costs for the computer vision solution and compare those costs to the cost of achieving the same tasks with a human workforce. 


Chooch AI works with trusted computer vision ecosystem partners throughout the United States. These partners can help you source equipment, install cameras, and integrate a fully operational Chooch AI computer vision solution for all use cases. Browse the types of equipment and services that Chooch AI partners offer here.

(3) Develop a Strategy for Training the Visual AI Models

With Chooch AI, the process of training a custom visual AI solution is faster and easier than ever before. The Chooch AI platform includes an ample selection of pre-existing visual AI models that exceed performance expectations for most use cases. The following prebuilt visual AI models require little to no additional training:

  • Complex counting (including cell counting) 
  • Smart operating rooms
  • Monitoring employee use of PPE equipment 
  • Supply rooms
  • Warehouse management
  • Defect detection in manufacturing
  • Monitoring for slip-and-fall accidents
  • Facial identification for security purposes
  • Industrial infrastructure monitoring for maintenance purposes
  • Aircraft and aircraft part safety and maintenance inspections
  • Drone AI systems 
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Forest fire monitoring
  • Agricultural, farming, and crop health evaluations

For more unique scenarios, it may be necessary to train a custom visual AI model. In these cases, your Chooch AI consultant will guide you through the process of collecting data to train a custom AI solution. To help in this process, the Chooch platform features advanced annotation tools, autogenerated training data, and vast libraries of training images and videos. These features allow you to develop and train custom models faster than ever before. 

(4) Deployment and Testing

The final stage of the computer vision consulting process involves the actual deployment of your AI models. Initially, it’s important to test the models in the real world and then make updates to improve performance in a way that meets and exceeds accuracy requirements. 


Deploying a sophisticated computer vision solution with Chooch AI is dramatically faster than any other computer vision vendor on the market today. In fact, our customers are generally up and running in one to three weeks. That’s orders of magnitude faster than the six to nine months that it usually takes to design and deploy a custom visual AI system.

Currently used in healthcare, geospatial, security, safety, construction, retail, and media — and deployable on the edge or in the cloud — Chooch AI integrates easily with your existing information networks via API. 

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