Video Analytics

  • AI for Safety: Fall Detection with Computer Vision

    The benefits of detecting falls using action detection, computer vision and edge AI outweigh the costs. By reducing the risk of falls and the costs that come with delayed fall response, AI models provide our partners and customers with real value.

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  • AI Alerts: Smoke and Fire Detection with Computer Vision

    Early fire and smoke detection using AI for safety and security have massive benefits. The savings to life and property are much higher than the cost of deploying these models. Faster and more accurate AI-enabled fire detection can save lives and property which brings unparalleled value to Chooch AI customers and partners. 

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  • Safety AI Model: PPE Detection Video

    Chooch AI is creating AI models that can be deployed quickly into the field with clear benefits. Ensuring that workers wear mandated safety equipment can lower insurance costs, increase productivity and save lives. Watch this video that demonstrates how detects when safety equipment isn’t being worn.

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  • Edge AI: A Gamechanger for Security Video Analytics

    Safety and security must be paramount for any business that wants to protect its employees, customers, and assets from potential issues and malicious actors. Yet with more cameras and sensors than ever before, how can organizations lower their risk by quickly and efficiently analyzing the flood of images and videos at their fingertips?

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