Image Recognition

  • Image Recognition API: The Straightforward Approach at Chooch AI

    Image recognition is one of the most popular and recognizable applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. And now, highly accurate, real-time image recognition is available for developers via image recognition APIs. Some platforms offer APIs that can help organizations add image and video analysis capabilities, but what’s needed is a easy-to-implement image recognition API that offers powerful computer vision services – like Chooch AI.

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  • Image Recognition API or Image Recognition SDK?

    Image recognition is one of the most advanced, and most widely used, applications of artificial intelligence. In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between an image recognition SDK and an image recognition API, and how the choice is clear when considering computer vision platforms.

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  • Improving Online Imagery with an Image Recognition API

    Computer vision and artificial intelligence have been used for years in the media and entertainment industries—but thanks to recent advances in deep learning, the potential applications of image recognition are broader than ever before. What’s more, these technological developments coincide with an explosion in the use of images and videos, especially for marketing and advertising purposes. It’s estimated that 1 trillion photos were taken in 2015 alone, and posts with visual content receive 94 percent more visits and engagements than text-only posts.

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  • Medical Imaging AI: Recent Breakthroughs With Object Recognition

    Over the past decade, computers using deep neural networks have been able to approach—if not exceed—human performance at object recognition tasks. In 2015, the PReLU-Net deep network became the first computer model to surpass human accuracy on the ImageNet 2012 dataset, with 4.94 percent error compared with humans’ 5.1 percent.

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