AI Webinars

  • The Rise of Smart Spaces: Transforming Infrastructure with AI Video Analytics

    Learn how computer vision and AI play a role in the rise of Smart Spaces. Chooch, NVIDIA, and Carahsoft band together to develop end-to-end solutions for AI-enabled video analytics, transforming current infrastructure into smart spaces, today.

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  • The Edge AI Presentation on AI Day

    This presentation by Michael Liou was part of the Open Systems Media AI Day, Deploying Vision Systems with AI Capabilities. Because of the proliferation of edge devices, computer vision is one of AI’s killer apps in the form of edge AI.

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  • Kurumsal Dünyada Görsel Yapay Zeka Uygulamaları

    Görsel yapay zeka artık hayatımızda. Turkcell CEO’su Murat Erkan ve Chooch AI CEO’su Emrah Gültekin ile gerçekleşen sohbetin video kaydını izleyebilirsiniz. Hakan Erdemli (Chooch AI) moderatörlüğündeki bu söyleşide, yapay zeka ve bilgisayarlı görü ile elde edilecek hızlı ve anlık iş değerini keşfedin.

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  • The Value of Computer Vision in Healthcare Panel

    The speed of technological innovation in the healthcare industry has been moving at a breakneck pace for decades. Now, artificial intelligence – and computer vision solutions in particular – are now poised to deliver increasingly powerful benefits to patients and providers. In this webinar you will learn about a wide range of solutions including cell identification, procedure tracking, gesture analysis, safety and security.

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  • Computer Vision Executive Briefings

    Executive computer vision briefings from Chooch AI cover a wide variety of topics – from computer vision use case, to edge AI deployments, to partnerships with smart cities technology providers. Please get in touch if you would like a deeper dive into any of these computer vision solutions.

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  • Security AI: Computer Vision with Drones and Robotics

    Ready for Drone AI and Security AI? This webcast is presented by Security Systems News and Security Industry Association featuring Asylon, Ceva Logistics and Chooch AI. Joe Goodings, Director of Standards at Security Systems News moderated the panel. Jim McDonald, VP of Global Security, CEVA Logistics, Logan Selby, Vice President of Operations at Asylon, and Michael Leal, Vice President of Strategy and Growth at Chooch AI present. 

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    To build accurate computer vision models, you need data—and lots of it. Now, you can generate images with synthetic data and augmented data on the Chooch AI platform, and then use these synthetic images to train and deploy computer vision models. What you’ll learn in this webinar is how to use different technologies with the same goal: deploying accurate computer vision even faster. Watch the video or read the transcript below.

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  • Implementing Computer Vision Applications in the Real World

    In this recorded webinar with VANTIQ and Chooch AI, you will learn about how computer vision, a subset of artificial intelligence, will impact digital business transformation and smart applications that can be deployed on the edge. From fall detection to advanced fire alerts, computer vision is revolutionizing our ability to digitize camera streams and use that data to create “smart environments” in the physical world. Presented by Emrah Gultekin, Co-Founder and CEO of Chooch AI, Brett Rudenstein, Vice President Sales Engineering and Services at VANTIQ, Patrick Burma, Senior Solutions Engineer at VANTIQ and Tifani Templin, Partner Manager at Chooch AI.

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  • Executive Briefing: AI Impact on Industrial Workplace Safety

    The power of computer vision is poised to have a positive impact on the $3 trillion workers compensation space. AI models can help prevent 85% of injuries in the workplace – slip & fall, manual materials handling, tool accidents and struck-by’s. In this executive briefing, ADLINK, StrongArm Technologies and Chooch AI will discuss how the integration of their three technologies enables enterprises to detect the lack of safety gear and dangerous conditions and alert workers and management on a real time basis. Hear from leaders not only about the impact on costs and worker safety, but also the practical solution available now for the workplace.

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  • Technology Briefing: AI Models Ready for Edge AI

    This technology briefing covers the full lifecycle of dataset generation, AI model creation and deployment and inferencing on the edge. Emrah Gultekin, CEO of Chooch AI, presents case studies and a walkthrough of the AI platform.

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