AI Podcast

  • Human Capital Innovations Podcast: Workplace Safety AI

    In this 30-minute podcast, Jonathan Westover of HCI interviews Michael Liou of Chooch AI on workplace safety with computer vision. “If you’re in a workplace, let’s say a warehouse and you want to demonstrate a culture of safety and compliance, and you can count how many times people wearing their hard hats and ensuring people were under safety vests and detecting any smoke or fire.” Listen now or read on.

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  • HIMSS21 Accelerate Health Podcast: Chooch.AI

    Mary Sheridan, Senior Manager for the Accelerate Health team here at HIMSS interviews Chooch AI CEO Emrah Gultekin about the work Chooch AI is doing with computer vision for healthcare . In this 15 minute podcast Gultekin explains that “in healthcare, you have lots of visual tasks. Whether it’s cell counting or whether it’s patient gestures, or maybe operating rooms where actions are happening. These are the kinds of things that we have used Chooch for and is being used in production in many, many different healthcare scenarios.”

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  • The Digital Executive Podcast: AI ROI and more.

    From the ROI of AI to using AI for industrial safety, this wide ranging 9-minute Digital Executive podcast sheds light on why every organization must invest in AI.  Brian Thomas CTO of Coruzant Technologies interviews Chooch AI’s Vice President of Strategy and Growth. Michael shares with Brian how he started his career as a technologist, moved into Wall Street as an investor, and is now back in technology working with AI technologies.

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  • IT Chronicles Podcast: How Visual AI Adds Data and Real Insights To Any Image

    Chooch AI is a visual AI platform that can process real-time images and extract relevant metadata. Emrah Gultekin CEO and founder of Chooch AI explains how their solution solves a fundamental problem in Visual AI, the ability to acquire visual expertise in a structured way similar to human knowledge. Originally published by IT Chronicles.

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