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AI News

  • Chooch Wins “Best Overall Computer Vision Company” in 2022 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Awards

    Prestigious International  Awards Program Honors Standout AI and Machine Learning  Companies

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  • Computer Vision Company Chooch Cracks Code on Connecting Remote Workers

    Head of People Operations Infuses Culture & Fun with Weekly StandUps

    Computer Vision Platform Chooch, is pleased to announce that it is possible to create a diverse yet culturally-connected remote workforce – even if your company is a hyper-growth software startup with employees living and working all over the world. Tools like Slack and Zoom were important. But the ultimate key to success in connecting remote workers was less about technology and more about people.

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  • Chooch AI Named an Edge AI Tech Innovator by Gartner

    Chooch AI, a leading computer vision AI platform, is named as an Edge AI Tech Innovator for 2020. The report is titled “Emerging Technologies: Tech Innovators in Edge AI” (October 2020) and is available directly from Gartner. The report identifies twelve emerging Edge AI providers.

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  • Edge AI Breakthroughs: Speed, Accuracy & Deployments.

    Join a panel from NVIDIA, Chooch AI & Convergint Technologies to discuss edge AI deployment strategies that achieve breakthrough performance in this 30 minute technology for business presentation followed by Q&A.

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  • IT Chronicles Podcast: How Visual AI Adds Data and Real Insights To Any Image

    Chooch AI is a visual AI platform that can process real-time images and extract relevant metadata. Emrah Gultekin CEO and founder of Chooch AI explains how their solution solves a fundamental problem in Visual AI, the ability to acquire visual expertise in a structured way similar to human knowledge. Originally published by IT Chronicles.

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  • Where is Enterprise AI going?

    Carl Lewis host of The Connected Enterprise Podcast, an exploration of the stories of market leading businesses and how they connect and collaborate in the digital economy. In this episode, Cark  interviews Emrah Gultekin, CEO of Chooch. Originally published on Vision 33, you can read the transcript below or Listen to the Vision 33 Podcast

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  • AI for Good: Emrah Gultekin on 880TheBiz Radio

    “We’re gonna go pro-AI now. And, when we think about it, you know, we’ve been talking about all the status security, erasing the data, but what happens when your car is stolen, your child is kidnapped. Now, all of a sudden, artificial intelligence comes in handy. Right? It’s a catch 22, it’s a yin and yang of the world that we’re gonna have to figure out. We’re lucky we have Emrah on the phone with us right now. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Chooch Technologies and let me give you a quick synapsis before he’s on to explain it himself. This is computer vision that processes any visual data — microscopic to satellite, the CCTVs to medical imaging, drones, etc. And we’re really lucky to have him. I know he’s a really busy guy so let’s get right to it.”

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  • AI Predictions for 2020: By Pinna Pierre and Kirk Borne

    “I anticipate that we will see some shake-up in the AI startup space in 2020….these products need to move beyond “AI as a cool tool” to demonstrating value.”

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  • Chooch in News: How AI is used to detect California Wildfires?

    "The more specific goal, according to chief executive Emrah Gultekin, is an ambitious one: monitoring every acre of forest in California every 10 minutes, alerting authorities almost immediately when a problem arises."

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