Edge AI

An AI platform has many advantages, the most powerful being the ability to create many possible solutions, providing greater flexibility and agility over single-purpose systems. That’s why Chooch has built an AI platform that makes it easy for organizations of all sizes and industries to bring computer vision into their workflows – from data collection, to training, to inferencing on the edge and in the cloud.

  • Edge AI Platform Essentials

    Researching AI solutions? Recent technology breakthroughs have made edge AI a go-to method fro implementing computer vision.  Need evidence? Market intelligence firm IDC has predicted that the number of edge AI processor shipments will soar to 1.5 billion in 2023, with a five-year annual growth rate of 65 percent. But what is edge AI exactly, and how do edge AI platforms work? Keep reading for all the answers.

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  • Edge AI Breakthroughs

    This 30 minute panel from NVIDIA, Convergint Technologies & Chooch AI discusses advances in edge AI performance and deployment and is followed by Q&A. The implications for costs savings and quality improvements from edge AI are massive for every industry. Chooch AI performs rapid AI training in the cloud, then exports AI models to industry leading NVIDIA Jetson devices. The edge AI deployments achieve extreme response-time performance of 0.02 seconds on multiple video feeds with extremely high accuracy for a wide variety of use cases. As a systems integrator, Convergint is able to help clients design, deploy, and manage advanced AI Video solutions using Chooch and NVIDIA technology on a global scale.

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  • Edge AI Breakthroughs: Speed, Accuracy & Deployments.

    Join a panel from NVIDIA, Chooch AI & Convergint Technologies to discuss edge AI deployment strategies that achieve breakthrough performance in this 30 minute technology for business presentation followed by Q&A.

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  • Edge AI Video: Chooch on the NVIDIA Jetson for AIoT

    Chosen for the NVIDIA Inception Startup Showcase, the powerful Chooch Visual AI platform provides Edge AI solutions across industries and applications.

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  • AIoT: Four Keys to Edge AI + IoT Deployments

    Deploying IoT involves the installation of infrastructure, specific sensors, computers and cameras. However, to successfully deploy IoT this must also include real-time analytics, and introducing AI technologies into the mix creates AIoT.

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