AI Case Studies

  • Computer Vision Solutions: Enterprise AI Applications in Six Industries

    As computer vision is becoming increasingly sophisticated, it brings business benefits to a wide variety of industries. From defect detection to loss prevention, computer vision is a powerful tool with the potential to improve processes and results in many contexts. But before we dive into the use cases of computer vision, let’s define what it is.

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  • Chooch AI Helps Improve Safety, Care and Efficiency in Healthcare with NVIDIA Clara Guardian

    Healthcare providers are increasingly challenged as they are tasked with doing more, faster, especially in times of crisis. Now, the confluence of GPUs and AI has generated a solution to meet these challenges. Video streams connected to Chooch AI on the NVIDIA Jetson platform can act as eyes, alongside microphones that can act as AI-enabled ears thanks to the NVIDIA Clara Guardian platform. The benefits include improved public safety, better patient care, and more operational efficiency at healthcare facilities.

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  • Visual AI Case Studies Webinar

    This webinar is an overview of use cases for Visual AI. Presented by Emrah Gultekin, CEO of Chooch, we discuss how Visual AI can rapidly and cost effectively count, label, identify, log and track far more efficiently than humans.

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