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The development of computer vision systems  that can evaluate visual data with greater accuracy than humans has been one of the most challenging areas of research in computer science for the last four decades. Now, with recent advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, global businesses from a wide range of industries are achieving unprecedented ROI benefits from implementing the latest computer vision technology.

After researching the ROI benefits of computer vision across multiple industries and use cases, Chooch AI has compiled its findings in the following detailed white paper. Download the white paper now to learn about the potential ROI of computer vision for your industry.


The ROI of Computer Vision

In this Chooch AI white paper, you’ll learn how computer vision works, why it’s needed, and the specific ROI benefits computer vision offers for many industries.

ROI of Computer Vision for Worker Safety

Discover how visual AI helps the construction, warehouse, oil & gas, and manufacturing industries reduce the tremendous costs and expenses related to construction accidents, theft, and vandalism. Explore how computer vision technology can monitor work sites and ensure employees are wearing appropriate safety equipment; track faces to prevent unwanted access to construction sites by unauthorized people; look for safety dangers; and prevent theft and vandalism. Computer vision can also create digital barriers to ensure worker safety is not put at risk.

ROI of Computer Vision for the Healthcare Industry

Learn how computer vision in the healthcare industry can offer more accurate medical laboratory analysis of x-rays and lab samples for better, more accurate diagnoses. Explore how computer vision can use facial recognition technology to make sure only authorized personnel can access specific patients, pharmaceutical supplies, and restricted areas. Find out how computer vision can overcome the tremendous costs and dangers associated with patient misidentification, misdiagnosis, and delayed diagnosis errors.

Computer Vision ROI for the Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Explore the many ROI benefits of leveraging computer vision in the brick-and-mortar retail industry. Find out how some retail stores are using visual AI technology to monitor inventory levels, product restocking on shelves, and security in supply rooms. Learn how computer vision technology can dramatically reduce all forms of product shrinkage – especially shrinkage related to employee and customer theft.

ROI of Computer Vision  in Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and CPG

Discover the numerous benefits that computer vision and AI bring to industrial manufacturing facilities and global CPG (consumer-packaged goods) companies. Find out why companies are using computer vision to improve quality control, detect defective products, and preserve the good reputations of their brands. Explore how visual AI helps manufacturers detect cracks, dust, missing parts, broken casings, impurities, painting defects, and more – so that they can detect and resolve product defects before they leave the manufacturing facility. Also, learn how computer vision helps monitor essential pieces of infrastructure for corrosion, cracks, wear, tear, and other maintenance issues in large-scale operations from oil pipelines to chemical storage.

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