The AI Platform for Fast Computer Vision Deployments

AI Platform For Deployable AI

AI development and deployment is now within reach of all organizations.

With Chooch AI, data collection, training, deployment and management have all been combined into one AI platform that quickly proves its effectiveness and ROI.

There were many bottlenecks in the process AI deployments – until now. Timelines stretching as long as 3 to 6 months or more, AI suffered from low accuracy and inflexibility, so success was difficult and when it was achieved, adding to applications often took another full cycle of development.

Now, those bottlenecks have been solved and organizations can deploy standard or custom model in days or hours – with the Chooch AI platform.

Need The Chooch AI Platform?

The Chooch AI Platform

Why Chooch AI?

Chooch AI is the computer vision platform that is capable of replicating human visual perception with scale and speed, running both in the cloud and on the edge, with standard models and custom models for your organization.

Chooch’s AI platform can handle any human visual assessment or task with high accuracy using multiple image and video formats, from one camera or thousands.

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Standard and Custom AI Models

Chooch AI has developed models that solve standard problems.

Train new AI models for specific needs.

We’ve developed standard models you can use, and can also develop custom models for our customers.

Chooch makes use of industry-leading NVIDIA Jetson processors, which are purpose-built for AI and robotics applications. These processors are able to integrate with your existing systems, with negligible impact on any size, weight, or power restrictions.

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Data Collection and AI Training

The Chooch AI platform helps with the process of data collection and management – this is all handled through the user-friendly Chooch AI dashboard.

Having accurate, high-quality labeled data in large quantities is an essential prerequisite for training AI models.

Once deployed, newly generated custom AI models need to be field-tested with live data to increase accuracy – and that functionality is built right into Chooch AI.

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Quick Deployment: Edge AI or Cloud AI

With the Chooch AI platform, you can send videos or images to your AI models in the cloud, receiving a highly accurate response in just a tiny fraction of a second.

Of course, sometimes it’s better to keep the computation local rather than uploading to the cloud. “Edge computing” is a term referring to computations that are performed on “edge” devices closer to the source of the data, instead of on remote cloud servers. By sending data to the cloud only when absolutely necessary, edge computing seeks to minimize latency and cut costs.

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Next Steps

The Chooch AI platform was developed so organizations can deploy computer vision projects that quickly get results and can grow flexibly as organizations adopt more AI programs.

Chooch AI works directly with customers and through a diverse partnership network, which includes video analytics integrators, device manufacturers and global consultancies.

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