AI Models for Computer Vision

Rapidly Deploy Accurate Computer Vision

The Chooch AI platform provides standard AI models as well as custom models trained for specific needs.

These AI models can quickly be deployed for fast results.

How? With the end-to-end Chooch AI platform which provides AI training and remote deployment on edge devices. This system allows for rapid, accurate processing of video streams of both existing and new video infrastructure.

Once in use, Chooch AI models are designed to reduce costs and risks immediately. Standard AI models examples include those specifically created to combat the COVID-19 crisis, such as social distancing and mask detection. 

Custom AI models extend the utility of standard models. With AI training built into the platform, new models can be quickly deployed for any industry, from vehicle identification on construction sites to quality control for ecommerce, and for many other use cases.

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An AI Platform for AI Models

In the past several years, AI models have advanced rapidly, radically enabling the transformation of the business landscape. This has made many organizations look for powerful, mature AI platforms that can help them achieve their goals—platforms like Chooch AI.

Chooch AI is a complete AI platform that produces end-to-end deployments for the cloud and edge devices – from data collection, to AI training, to deployment and management of AI models. Other standard AI models provide computer vision for drones and  general object detection.

The Chooch AI platform provides not only AI models, but flexible, complete solutions across industries including geospatial, security, media, healthcare, retail, and workplace safety. Learn more below, or contact us about AI training and deployment of computer vision to the edge or cloud.


Training AI models on the platform is very straightforward. 

First. data is imported into the platform. This consists of any type of imagery, from visible light to electro-optical and X-rays, sourced from sensors and platforms. 

The images or video frames are annotated and labelled, which means that objects within the videos or images are given names, such as a hardhat or an empty room. The platform indicates when enough images or frames are labeled to generate an accurate AI model. 

Once a sufficient data threshold is reached, AI models are generated by the platform. These baseline models can be retrained, improved and automatically updated. Once deployed, the AI models are able to rapidly process images or video streams at high accuracy.


How can Chooch AI achieve such high accuracy? 

Chooch generates highly accurate models called Perceptions, which are groups of related AI models generated together, technically called an ensemble of models with multiple layers. 

The idea is that by taking the majority vote of an ensemble of models, the AI can get more accurate results than taking the output of a single model, which is largely devoid of context. 

High accuracy AI models mean that inferencing on video streams or still images results in truly actionable data and are deployable for real world use cases.


Models must be deployed so that they can inference on visual data. This means, a model for intrusion detection can send an alert when a person climbs through a window in the field of view of a video camera streaming to an edge device loaded with that AI model. Other example standard models include fire detection or fall detection.

The Chooch Edge AI platform is dockerized so models can be rapidly installed remotely on devices to provide fully functional edge AI in minutes. Configurable alerts and the AI API provide integrations with video analytics and business intelligence systems.

With edge device and camera management built into the AI platform, this means models for standard use cases can now be quickly deployed as complete systems, and updated with new AI models on demand.

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Mask Compliance Video

Mask detection with computer vision means increased compliance and lower risk of COVID-19 transmission. When people are detected not wearing masks, they can be reported with still images captured from video streams. No facial recognition is integrated into this model to assure privacy. 

Social Distancing Detection Video

AI models for social distancing can now increase public and workplace safety. This solution is deployable to edge devices in offices, industrial settings, streets, schools and venues of any type. Chooch AI has deployed an AI model to provide computer vision solutions for social distancing to help fight COVID-19. Learn more here about COVID-19 AI models