Our Vision: AI for Good

Our Vision: AI for Good
Our Vision: AI for Good

Our Vision: AI for Good

We would like to make the world a better place with Visual AI. There are massive benefits to Chooch depending on the use case, from preventing fraud to decreasing medical mistakes, from increasing manufacturing quality to deepening our understanding of a changing world.

We believe Chooch solves a fundamental problem in Visual AI, the ability to acquire visual expertise in a structured way similar to human knowledge. This will allow us to share our intuitive system with others in a way that will be truly beneficial to humanity.

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Case Studies

  • Chooch AI for Good - Case Studies


    SIPA USA is a photo agency that delivers images of celebrities to global media. SIPA trains Chooch to recognize not only famous people, but also fashion details that add value and revenue to the images they offer to the media.

    Chooch adds more metadata faster and 80x less expensively than doing so with humans.

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  • Emrah Gultekin - CEO - Chooch AI Team

    Emrah Gultekin

  • Hakan Gultekin - CTO - Chooch AI Team

    Hakan Gultekin

  • Michael Liou - VP Strategy & Growth - Chooch AI Team

    Michael Liou

    VP Strategy & Growth
  • Jeffrey Goldsmith - VP of Marketing - Chooch AI Team

    Jeffrey Goldsmith

    VP of Marketing
  • Drew Fanning - VP Federal - Chooch AI Team

    Drew Fanning

    VP of Business Development
  • Noel Mccullar - Director of Customer Success - Chooch AI Team

    Noel McCullar

    Head of Customer Success
  • Hakan Erdemli

    Senior Sales Leader
  • Kasim Acikbas

    Product and Training
  • Shijin Mathiyeri - Software Engineer - Chooch AI Team

    Shijin Mathiyeri

    Software Engineer Team Lead
  • Avinash Od - Software Engineer - Chooch AI Team

    Avinash Od

    Software Engineer
  • Sena Orucu - UI/UX Designer - Chooch AI Team

    Sena Orucu

    UI/UX Designer
  • Makki Omar - Software Engineer - Chooch AI Team

    Makki Omar

    Software Engineer
  • Senem Zeybekler - Technical Support - Chooch AI Team

    Senem Zeybekler

    Technical Support
  • dervis-basbabasi

    Dervis Basbabasi

    Edge Engineer
  • Ravindra Paliwal - Frontend Developer - Chooch AI Team

    Ravindra Paliwal

    Frontend Developer
  • Hiren Soni- Software Engineer - Chooch AI Team

    Hiren Soni

    Software Engineer
  • Heera Hariharan

    Software Engineer
  • Ferose Aliyarukunju

    Software Engineer
  • Amit Moradiya - iOS Engineer - Chooch AI Team

    Amit Moradiya

    iOS Engineer

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