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Visual AI For The Enterprise.

Visual AI from Chooch is a complete enterprise solution for every industry, on the edge and in the cloud. It’s fast, accurate computer vision that processes any visual data, microscopic to satellite, medical imaging to drones, security cameras to image archives, sensors to apps. Chooch integrates easily via API with existing information infrastructure. Get Case Studies.

Our Response to the COVID-19 Crisis: Diagnostic Imagery Analysis
Computer Vision AI Training

Visual AI Training for Computer Vision

Connect with the team at Chooch to start developing your computer vision solution – from authentication to AIoT, from anomaly detection to object recognition, from geospatial analysis to healthcare AI applications.

We will not only manage and annotate your visual data, we will create new machine learning models and develop a scalable computer vision program ready for integration and deployment in the cloud or on the edge.

Visual AI Training

Get Radical Productivity Gains from Visual AI

Any visual process benefits from Chooch – adding metadata, visual inspections, action logging. planogram creation, facial authentication and more.

Whatever the computer vision task, Chooch dramatically reduces costs and increases accuracy beyond human abilities.

The gains far outstrip the investment, and Chooch can be deployed in weeks for fast results.

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