Visual AI That Is Better Than The Human Eye.

Visual AI from Chooch is a complete enterprise solution for every industry, on the edge and in the cloud.

It’s fast, accurate computer vision that processes any visual data, microscopic to satellite, CCTV to medical imaging, drones to image archives, sensors to apps.

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We’ll Do Your Visual AI Training for Computer Vision

Quickly train Chooch for your computer vision use case – from facial authentication to AIoT, from anomaly detection to object recognition, from SAR analysis to complex counting.

We will import and annotate your visual data, then apply machine learning models and generate a network of interconnected neural networks for the cloud or Edge AI.

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Get Radical Productivity Gains from Visual AI

Any visual process benefits from Chooch – adding metadata, visual inspections, action logging. planogram creation, facial recognition and more.

Whatever the computer vision task, Chooch dramatically reduces costs and increases accuracy beyond human abilities.

The gains far outstrip the investment, and Chooch can be deployed in weeks for fast results.