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Visual AI That Is Better Than The Human Eye.

Chooch AI is a complete visual AI platform, with an API, a dashboard and mobile SDK. Combining computer vision training with machine learning, Chooch offers object recognition and facial authentication, with autonomous labeling, data collection, neural network selection and more. Chooch is used in the media, advertising, banking, medical and security industries.

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Train Chooch for your computer vision needs

Chooch imports images into its perception library organized as visual classes, and acquires visual expertise through a novel structure of interconnected neural networks.

Organizations create their own perceptions by parsing tagged images, so that Chooch can later return metadata in response to images and video it receives via the Chooch API.

This allows Chooch to perform myriad tasks, such as confirming the identity of contractors, labelling objects in aerial photography, or discerning features in specialized imaging, to name a few narrow examples.

Reduce costs and increase revenue with Visual AI

There are massive benefits to Chooch for any use case. Chooch has reduced metadata costs for media publishers by 80x and can increase advertising revenue from both image and video content by a large multiple.

Chooch has been trained to do facial recognition for thousands of people in minutes, radically changing the security equation.

Chooch can also increase accuracy when trained to perceive critical features in medical or industrial imaging, among many possibilities.