Monetize Your Digital Assets

Chooch is the new standard in AI training, labeling, #hashtags and monetization for archived and live digital assets. You can use Chooch’s general APIs or can train Chooch for mission critical activity.

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How Chooch Works

Chooch is an AI API for your video and image content. Chooch inferences and interprets content and the environment based on Chooch’s trained perceptions of the physical world. You can use general Chooch APIs or can customize an API with your own data. The API is compatible with any type of content, livestreams, robots, drones and vehicles.

AI Training

Create an AI specific for your needs. You do not need to be an AI expert to use or train Chooch. To use, simply plug Chooch into your own platform. To train, simply provide a concept, point Chooch into a direction or feed your own data. Chooch is constantly learning by itself and creating unsupervised, general perceptions. Chooch is being directed by the Chooch team, Chooch partners and AI enthusiasts for specific programs.

Monetize Your Content

Share your AI trained content with advertisers, sellers, peers and partners. Create super-contextual product placement and ads with your videos, images and livestreams.

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